Nelly Soley, Peter’s Nan

Peter, it’s when people stop talking about you

that you should worry

Nelly Soley, Peter’s Nan

its important to know that.....Its okay to talk!

6th April 2018
Peter Jones
By Peter Jones

Building on my post from yesterday, its important to know that.....Its okay to talk!

Watch Peters video here

* Suicide is the biggest UK killer of men under 45* 

3 in 4 suicides are male

In this video I talk to Peter Jones who is doing work to raise awareness of Campaign Against Living Miserably, CALM - CALM breaks the taboo of male suicide and provides a helpline for those that need to talk.

He is walking from his beloved Fulham Football Club to Birmingham City FC 

To donate: 

To view how their training is going:

CALM Website:


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