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Be The Best You Can Be

3rd October 2018
Peter Jones
By Peter Jones

On the next journey you make to work, I want you to do something: look around at the other people on a similar journey. Who’s smiling? Who looks up for it?

Who do you feel will make something amazing happen and, in contrast, who is simply going through the motions, perhaps beginning a day of despair or doom and gloom?

You could be on the same bus, train or tube. You could be walking past them on the street or in the car next to them at the traffic lights. Which of these people that you see do you think will be the best they can be today?

Imagine if you could see into someone’s head and understand how they are really feeling. Then just think if even a small percentage of these people woke up not dreading Mondays, how much more productive and motivated society would be.

What can we do to change this? Can you shape your own destiny and feel more motivated finishing the day, knowing you have been the best you can be?

I honestly can’t imagine what it would feel like to wake up and dread the day ahead, but I speak to many others who tell me this problem is a harsh reality and affects them massively. When we feel stress, our bodies release cortisol. Cortisol impairs rational thinking and decision-making; this will affect wellness, productivity and ultimately has a terrible impact on the magical work-life balance we all strive to achieve.

In a recent interview, the inspirational Manchester City FC manager Pep Guardiola spoke about what he believes it takes to be the best at anything. The answers he gave may surprise you in their simplicity:

  1. Be humble. You are human, rule with love not fear. Inspire people to want to run for you, treat them with respect.
  2. Hard work is not a given. People think they work hard but don’t often understand what hard work looks like!
  3. Run. Run and run like your life depends on it, because guess what it does?

The word ‘run’ is used as a metaphor and it equates to early starts, late finishes, failing, making mistakes but then getting up and going again! You must want to RUN!

He summed this up by saying that you don’t change your body by simply going to the gym three times a week. If you want to see improvements, you must mean it. You should crawl out of the gym with nothing left in the tank, even if that’s for 30 minutes rather than two hours.

At Foyne Jones we can’t promise to change our sector in the way Pep transformed the world of football, but if you want to understand the KBB market and maybe take a small step towards something better, talking to us may be the first steps into you becoming the best you can be! One of my favorite ever quotes is from Sun Tzu: “Can you imagine what I would do if I do could all I can?”

This quote inspires me so much; I have it pride of place up on our main office wall. It transforms to the workplace so easily. Just imagine what you could do if each and every day, you were motivated to do all that you could as well.


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